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Winning Freyja’s Cloak


Freyja is the most beautiful woman in Asgard, and she has no shortage of lovers.

But when Loki shows up on her doorstep, he’s after more than just her legendary beauty.

Loki asks to borrow Freyja’s feather cloak, the magical garment which transforms the wearer into a falcon. At first, Freyja is reticent to let go of her treasure. However, when Loki promises to show her something she’s never seen before, his offer proves too tempting to resist.

After all, what can Loki the Trickster possibly do to surprise the most experienced lover in Asgard?

Status: Finished!

Release date: early July (click here to request an ARC)

* * *

The Briar and the Rose

(Third Book in the Loki Series)

Long ago, the Norse myths tell us, Loki stole the golden apples of immortality from the beautiful Iðunn.

But why? And what did he plan to do with them?

Now, Loki’s mortal wife Caroline has just given birth to their first child. The sleep-deprived parents attempt to enjoy their first night out in four months, but an old song gives rise to older memories, and Caroline finally hears the dark and heartbreaking story of why Loki attempted to steal Iðunn’s magical, golden apples.

And who they were for.

Status: Revising

Tentative Release Date: Fall 2018


The Fenris Series

Sol Eriksen is out of options, and nearly out of time.

When her father dies in an accident in the Ironwood forest, leaving her family unable to fulfill their lumber quota for King Nøkkyn, her mother and brothers realize they have only one thing that may satisfy the king: Sol herself.

A fortnight later, Sol is promised to King Nøkkyn, and sworn to become the newest member of his harem after the Reaping Ceremony in the fall.

When she meets a distractingly handsome stranger deep in the Ironwood, Sol thinks he must be a madman, or a demon. Especially when he claims to be the monstrous Fenris-wolf.

Sol knows she should run from him. And she should not, under any circumstances, kiss him.

But as the Reaping approaches, and Nøkkyn’s grip around her tightens, Sol wonders what exactly she’s got to lose.

Status: Writing

Tentative Release Dates: Winter 2018

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