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The Flame and The Blade Cover Reveal

He’s a fire mage who’s lived his entire life on the wrong side of the King’s law.

She’s a guard desperate to prove herself.

Together, they will enter the legendary Demon Forest…

The Flame and The Blade comes out on January 21! And look at the beautiful cover Ravenborn Covers designed for Vethe and Lyria.


Tiny Sneak Peek at The Flame and The Blade

“Will we be setting off tomorrow morning?” the guard asked.

My aunt Hylena shook her head so vehemently it was almost as if the guard had suggested she sleep with poisonous snakes. “Oh, no. Absolutely not. You’ll leave immediately.”

Not a surprise. There was, after all, one other member of this family hidden away in Raven’s Wing, and I knew Hylena was desperate to keep my mother’s existence a secret. Not that Hylena had any reputation left to save. I doubted any of the noble families in Mayhaven or the King’s vast estate would even recognize Hylena, let alone remember that she’d once had a sister.

If the guard was surprised by this, it didn’t show on her face. She really was a master of the blank expression. Or perhaps there just wasn’t much going on behind those light blue eyes.

“I can take one more bag of supplies,” the guard said. “Nothing too heavy, though. If you have multiple essential items to bring, you’ll need to provide your own mount.”

That was a joke. The woman had to have known from one look at the place that we couldn’t afford horses. We couldn’t even afford a gods-damned donkey.

“That’s fine,” Hylena replied. For the first time since the guard had stepped through the door, my aunt looked at me. “Vethe travels light.”

The guard raised a doubtful eyebrow at me. I managed to force a somewhat pathetic smile as I thought wistfully of my secret wineskins filled with Mage Fire. I’d hoped for a big, burly guard with a beard so huge it could hide small woodland animals. Someone who’d want to get drunk around the fire with me and trade stories, and who perhaps wouldn’t notice if a few of his silver pieces went missing.

Instead, I got the ice queen. Wonderful.

Stay tuned for more updates about The Flame and The Blade, my forthcoming epic fantasy romance under the pen name Meredith Hart

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