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Happy December!

Happy December!

This month is all about fantasy romance for me.
I’m halfway through the edits for The Flame and the Blade, my slow-burn enemies-to-lovers high fantasy romance, and I’m hoping to send that to my awesome ARC team before the end of the month. (Want in on that action? Click here to join the team.)
And The Trickster’s Song, my dark, sexy re-telling of the Norse myth where Loki steals the apples of immortality (and…yes… *that scene* with the goat) is going on sale for .99.
Just in time for the holidays. 😉
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Stay warm, my friends, and keep shining through the darkest month of the year!

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    • Hi Helen,
      Thanks for asking! I’d love to do a Loki series audiobook sometime in the future. Unfortunately, at the moment, the upfront costs are still too steep. But who knows – maybe it will work out in 2020. 😉


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