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All The Prince’s Men

I know – it’s a great title, isn’t it?

Just wait till you see the cover the fabulous Kris Norris made for it!

Untitled design (2) 2

Like so many other awesome things in my life, the new title for my polyamorous fantasy romance formerly known as The Night Watch came from my business partner. And my everything else partner. (He’s my husband, guys.)


Good! Here’s the blurb…

When Prince Liam returns to his kingdom after five years of training at the magical Academy, he’s only missed one person: Cerdec, the boy who had been Liam’s closest childhood friend. But Cerdec is now a knight pledged to protect the kingdom, and Liam fears his one-time friend has forgotten their stolen moments of tenderness.

Newly-sworn knight Cerdec has had no shortage of lovers since Liam left the kingdom, but he’s never felt as close to them as he once felt to the prince. Now that Liam has returned, Cerdec is prepared to serve as his personal guard, even if the position torments him with a longing he’s terrified to voice.

And even if it means he must welcome and protect the foreign princess betrothed to Liam.

Stay tuned for more!

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