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Who is Meredith Hart?

A bitter, sarcastic fire mage with a dark legacy who’s lived his entire life on the wrong side of the law.

A take-no-crap guard desperate to prove herself after a disastrous love affair nearly ruined her career.

And a new pen name!


Stay tuned for more…

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5 thoughts on “Who is Meredith Hart? Leave a comment

  1. Hi Sam….Oh I mean Meredith Hart! Love the new name!
    OOh! Tell me more about this Fire Mage and take no crap guard?
    Also will their still be Loki stories?
    Again love the name!
    Hoping you are well?
    Happy Halloween!!


    • Thank you, Amelia! It’s nice to hear from you, and I apologize for being slow to respond in general. Yes, there will be a LOT more about the fire mage and the guard – don’t worry! 😉 There also will be another Loki story… eventually.
      I hope all is well with you, and take care,
      Sam/Meredith 🙂


  2. Hi Meredith, thank you for answering. anyway I’m guessing the new Loki book is The Trickster’s Wife?
    Also what’s your favorite thing about Halloween? I’m a pagan so I prefer the more old fashioned traditions, well a bit but I still enjoy decorating the house and dressing up to scare the kids to death! Muhahahaha!
    I guess I forgot to mention I’m pagan. I ask (don’t pray!) Loki for help in great times of anxiety and you know what? every time I do the wind starts to howl and then the next day a solution to the problem is found. I think that’s him telling me he’s their?
    Either that or I’m mad, but who isn’t in this day and age?
    Anyway It’s nice to hear from you too.
    Good look with the writing.
    Take Care.
    Happy Halloween.


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