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Is There Life After Fenris?

The Complete Fenris Series is my sixth book in nine months.

If you count the short stories (The Trickster and Tempting Fenris Wolf), I’ve released one book a month in 2019.

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To be honest, that schedule is just too much.

I work three jobs in addition to running the Samantha MacLeod empire (adjunct philosophy professor, adult education instructor, and itinerant journalist). While I’ve seen great results in my writing career this year, I’ve also been forced to admit that I just can’t keep this up. 

So, I’m not releasing a damn thing next month!

In November, though, I’ll re-release my polyamorous fantasy romance The Night Watch

And for 2020, I’ve got big plans involving a new pen name! Plus, a snarky fire mage and the take-no-crap guard with a broken heart who was hired to escort him through the Demon Forest…

Stay tuned!

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