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Book Review: No Man Can Tame by Miranda Honfleur

There is so much to love about this fantasy romance from Miranda Honfleur.

From the world building to the tension to the unexpected vulnerabilities of strong characters, No Man Can Tame just nailed it!

And that cover! *swoon*

Yes, the writing is beautiful, and her world is nuanced and fascinating. But can we talk about those characters for a minute?!?

giphy (1)

The premise of No Man Can Tame is fairly straightforward: all kinds of magical creatures, both benevolent and malevolent, have suddenly appeared in the world thanks to a disaster you don’t really need to understand (but you will recognize if you’ve read Honfleur’s Blade and Rose series). Now, in order to save her kingdom from the newly returned monsters, Princess Alessandra has just been betrothed to one of them…the dark-elf Prince Veron.

She’s slightly less than thrilled.


Prince Veron is just about as happy as you’d expect to learn he’s been ordered to marry one of the soft and bizarre humans, and that the two of them must then embark on a Royal Progress across the kingdom to flaunt their joyous union.

Naturally, the two characters do eventually find common ground, and the intimate scenes between them were a lovely blend of emotionally satisfying and scorching hot.

However, what I loved most about Alessandra and Veron’s story is how very much both of them grow and learn in order to preserve the peace they desire. Neither Alessandra nor Veron is perfect; both of them, to be honest, can be downright jerks.  But it’s their believable vulnerability and their earnest desire to rise above the social tides pulling their cultures apart that I found so engaging, and that ultimately won me over.

When I finished No Man Can Tame, I felt a pang of genuine regret. Not only that the story had ended, but also because our world could really use a bit more of Princess Alessandra and Prince Veron.

Click here for No Man Can Tame

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