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Meet the Characters: Angrboða

If you’ve read The Trickster’s Song, my re-telling of Loki’s attempt to steal Iðunn’s golden apples, or The Monster and the Prisoner, book three of The Fenris Series, then you’ve already met Fenris’s mother Angrboða.

Charming, isn’t she?

Angerboda mood board
Angrboða’s mood board from my Pinterest page

Angrboða, Dutchess of the Black Isles, is a brutally ambitious woman trapped in a world where gender means everything.

Angrboða, Loki, and Sol’s home realm of Jötunheimr is a ruthless patriarchy where women and girls are the property of their husbands and fathers. Despite this, Angrboða has managed to climb into numerous positions of power… usually by seduction, manipulation, and promises of future glory.

If you’ve read The Monster Chained, you’ll know how well these machinations worked for her son Fenris. And Hel’s Lover gives you an idea of how well they worked for her first child, Hel.

Even before Fenris’s birth, Angrboða and Loki had a history of using each other for their own gain and pleasure, although they haven’t spoken much since she assaulted him in The Trickster’s Song (for those of you keeping score, yes, that’s when Fenris is conceived).

But, now that Óðinn has imprisoned their son, perhaps Angrboða and Loki will be able to work something out…

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