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Coming in May: The Monster Chained

We’re going to Val-hall!

The Monster Chained mood board from my Pinterest page

Is Val-hall truly the sanctuary Óðinn promises?

Or is it a beautiful trap?

Sol and Fenris escaped King Nøkkyn’s castle for the isolation and dubious safety of the Ironwood forest. Yet, as Sol’s pregnancy progresses, they are forced to admit that a cave in the wild forest is no place to raise a baby. But with no family, no gold, and the flames of a civil war burning all around them, where can Sol and Fenris possibly find refuge?

When Óðinn the All-father, leader of the fabled Æsir and Vanir warriors, offers the couple a home within his legendary fortress Val-hall, Sol and Fenris feel they have no choice but to accept. However, even surrounded by the beauty and abundance of Val-hall, Sol fears the dark prophecy unleashed by King Nøkkyn will follow them all the way to Asgard.

And Fenris, despite his assurances to the contrary, may one day fail the strange tests of strength the Æsir demand as proof of his loyalty…

The Monster Chained, book four in the five-book Fenris Series, will come out on May 28th.

Yes, this is the book where shit gets Norse.

Click here to pre-order your copy before the price goes up!

And stay tuned for more!

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One thought on “Coming in May: The Monster Chained Leave a comment

  1. How did I not realize Fenris was in the Loki universe? I completely blanked on who he was.

    I’d better get reading!


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