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Book Review: Dark Days Series by Liz Meldon

I devoured this series the moment it was released, so to all those who are wandering around, thinking: “Where, oh where, can I find a funny, sexy, well-written, character-driven,  paranormal romance series with a plot that takes me by surprise?!?”

I apologize. I should have written this earlier.

And, if you are that person…

loki savior

Liz Meldon’s Dark Days duology is everything you need.

This sexy PNR tells the story of a vampire (Calder) and a wolf shifter (Emma) who find each other when they both accept teaching positions in a remote Norwegian boarding school. The pair takes an instant and hilarious dislike to one another, and Meldon takes every opportunity to play up the absurd hilarity of teaching high school students.

I loved every second of Calder and Emma’s snarky dialog, their growing attraction, and their futile attempts to dodge their own feelings. Damn, who knew enemies to lovers could be so much fun?

Meldon (wisely, in my opinion) leaves the paranormal elements on the backburner as the story begins, and she lets her character’s fears, insecurities, and secret desires drive their decisions. This makes the paranormal elements all the more fascinating when they do appear, and the characters have to wrestle with the intersection of their superhuman abilities and their messy, all-too-human emotions.

I’m especially pleased with her wolf shifters’ society. Fated mates, alpha leaders, and close family ties are a staple of wolf shifter romance, and Meldon brings them in while delightfully turning them on their head.

Yes, this is character-driven paranormal romance. And it’s exactly my bag, baby!

Plus, holy plot twists! Meldon isn’t just crafting a romance here – she’s building an entire mythological universe, filled with all sorts of terrifying, beguiling creatures. I really had no idea where she was going with this one

I reviewed the first book, Semester One, when it came out (click here for that), and I’m delighted to report that everything I loved about Semester One continues in the second and final book. Emma and Calder retain their touching, heartbreaking humanity, and they both struggle as their relationship deepens.

And then there are monsters to fight! Not even the monster you’re expecting!

From the very first chapter, September, to the beautiful Epilogue, the Dark Days duology just plain delivers. If you’re looking for your next book hangover  — look no further!

Click here for the Dark Days series

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