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Cover Reveal: The Monster and the Prisoner

Captured by the cruel king!

Her family murdered, Sol has been taken in chains to the foreboding fortress of Nøkkyn the Mountain King. The King intends to make an example out of her disobedience with a public execution. What’s more, Nøkkyn plans to unleash a false prophecy strong enough to bring down the fiercest monster in the Ironwood forest: Fenris-wolf.

Is there any way for the daughter of slaves to escape the King’s castle? Or will Sol’s captivity also bring about the downfall of her husband Fenris?

Untitled design (2)

Thank you to the amazing Ravenborn Covers for yet another awesome Fenris cover!

If you’ve been waiting on that cliffhanger ending to The Monster’s Wife, the next chapter of Fenris and Sol’s story is coming soon.

The Monster and the Prisoner comes out on March 26, but you can pre-order it now and save a few bucks.

Click here to pre-order The Monster and the Prisoner

Haven’t started The Fenris Series yet? Both books are free in Kindle Unlimited! Click here for book one, The Monster’s Lover.

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