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Eden Books – Paradise Found!

Eden Books, the only online bookstore dedicated solely to romance and women’s fiction, is now open! I’m so excited to be a part of this online bookstore and social media platform for the romance community.

And to celebrate, I’m offering my sexy Loki prequel The Trickster for FREE and ONLY ON EDEN!

Untitled design (1) copy

“A very short story introducing us to Loki and Caroline with just enough lust and longing from the famous lover.” – Zena, Goodreads

“Loki is my favorite bad boy, but this author definitely brings a more developed character to life. Loki is not a spoiled brat or thoughtless mayhem in these stories.” – Melina, Goodreads

“In this book we learn Loki’s side about meeting Caroline, and I was delighted by the depth and intensity of his reaction to her. Nothing like finding out how the Trickster himself is brought to his knees… Samantha created an attractive story here, giving us an insight to Loki that we don’t get through Caroline in the first book of the series – a man (a god!) full of passion, but also torn by a past that haunts him and that comes to life through his feelings for this mortal. A great addition to the series!” – Nadia, Goodreads

Click here for your Loki fix

And check out the rest of Eden Books while you’re there – you’ll find lots of great stuff. 😉

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