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Return to the Ironwood!

Fenris and Sol return!

Welcome back to the Ironwood forest, where things are about to get… interesting.

The Monster’s Wife, book two of The Fenris Series, is now available!

If you’re wondering how Sol is adjusting to life in a cave, who Týr is and what he means to Fenris, and if the lovers really have left King Nøkkyn behind… click here to pick up your copy!

What Readers are Saying

“Oh my goodness, my Kindle almost ignited on reading this sizzling installment to the Fenris series! Samantha Macleod has most definitely taken hotness up a notch or two to a whole new level with The Monster’s Wife.” – Tina Williams, A Reader’s Review Blog

“This story gets better with each book… The passion left me breathless, the action had me on the edge of my seat and the end of the story left me wanting and fearing the next book.” – Adriana Lacrouts, Goodreads

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