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Meet the Characters: Týr Óðinnsen

“You’re feeding the monster tonight?”

Of all the warriors among the Æsir and Vanir living on Asgard, only Óðinn’s son Týr was brave enough to bring food to Loki’s monstrous son Fenris, the giant wolf.

In the Eddas, Týr paid a high price for his bravery. And for the friendship that he shared with a monster. (Click here for that story)

Tyr mood board
Týr’s mood board from my Pinterest page

In The Fenris Series, Týr and the monster are also… close.

How close?

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(Not big on mailing lists? Tempting Fenris Wolf is also part of Legends and Lovers.)

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Tempting Fenris Wolf

You’ll also meet Týr in The Monster’s Wife, book two of The Fenris Series.

Untitled design (2) copy

The Monster’s Wife releases next week!

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