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Cover Reveal: The Monster’s Wife

Saved by the monster!

Sol and her lover Fenris escaped the cruel king Nøkkyn and fled deep into the Ironwood. Yet life in the forest proves more perilous than Sol imagined. Is the handsome Týr, one of the Æsir from the myths of her childhood, a friend or a foe? How well does she actually know the mysterious man who saved her from Nøkkyn’s clutches?

And, even hidden beneath the shadows of the Ironwood forest, are Fenris and Sol truly safe from the King’s reach?

Untitled design (2) copy

The amazing Ravenborn Covers designed this fabulous cover for the second book in the Fenris series!

Those of you who’ve been asking for more of Fenris’s history and begging to finally meet Týr – you’re in luck! The Monster’s Wife includes a few peeks into Fenris’s tragic past, a very intimate encounter with Týr, and a whole bunch of new twists and turns.

Oh, plus plenty of steam. 😉

Click here to pre-order The Monster’s Wife

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