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“Reminds me why I love reading.”

Oh, hey, it’s January 23.

That means it’s my freaking birthday!

Janine Ashbless gave me this on Facebook this morning. BEST MORNING EVER!!!

Yes, I scheduled The Monster’s Lovers release and free run for my birthday week.

Why? Because what does an author really, really, really want for her birthday?


Other than Jeff Goldblum playing the piano in a hot tub, that is?


And the wonderful Julia of Red Hatter Book Blog just posted a review of The Monster’s Lover that made me cry happy birthday tears.

The Monster’s Lover kept me glued to my kindle. It was so good! From the mythology to the romance to the feeling of freedom and love, I couldn’t put this book down!” she writes. “I loved this book a lot, reminds me why I love reading.”

Awwwwww, thank you for making a writer’s day, Julia!

Click here for the entire review

And click here to claim your own free copy of The Monster’s Lover

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