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The Ironwood Forest

“I didn’t fear the Ironwood. At least, I didn’t fear the Ironwood more than was necessary.”

– Sol Eriksen

ironwood forest mood board
Ironwood Forest mood board from my Pinterest page

Appearing in both the prose Edda and the poetic Edda, the massive mythological forest Járnviðr, or Iron-wood, lies to the east of the human realm Midgard.

The Iron-wood is the home of monsters – witches, troll-women, and enormous wolves.

Including Fenris Lokisen.

It’s madness to travel the Ironwood at night.

Yes, I made two mood board. Pinterest is a blast, yo.

The Ironwood in the Fenris Series is quite similar to Norse mythology’s Járnviðr, with just a dash of the deep Maine woods thrown in the mix (I do, after all, live way out in the woods). The Lucky River, in particular, is inspired by the Jordan River which flows past my house.

Next week, you’ll be able to enter the Ironwood Forest for yourself…

untitled design (2)
Sol Eriksen’s story begins January 21st!

Can’t wait to meet Sol and Fenris?

Click here to download the first three chapters of The Monster’s Lover for free.

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  1. These two mood boards evoke some serious emotional connections with nature. Love them! Must be a creature of the night!!!


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