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Meet the Characters: Fenris Lokisen

Fenris wolf is the most terrifying monster in the Ironwood forest.

fenris character mood board
Fenris’s mood board from my Pinterest page

Some say the monstrous black wolf Fenris, child of Loki the Lie-smith and Queen Angrboða, is just a myth.

Others swear they’ve seen him moving through the Ironwood forest at night, alone.

And there are even some who claim Fenris was not always a wolf larger than a warhorse. Some say he was once a man… and perhaps, on occasion, he takes the shape of a man again.

untitled design (2)
Fenris and Sol’s story begins January 21st!

Can’t wait to meet Sol and Fenris?

Click here to download the first three chapters of The Monster’s Lover for free.

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