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Coming Soon: The Fenris Series

I’ve always wanted to write an epic fantasy series.

And now I can cross another item off the old bucket list, because 2019 is the year I release my first fantasy series.

The Fenris Series

Inspired by the Norse myth of Loki’s son Fenris, the enormous wolf who is prophesied to murder Odin during Ragnarok, this is a five book fantasy romance series spanning three Realms and, yes, encompassing the entire Fenris myth (and then some).

It’s got a wicked king, a reluctant hero, and a woman who discovers she’s stronger than she ever imagined. It has loneliness, adventure, heartbreak, and angst. It’s sexy as hell.

And it’s coming your way!

Fenris Series Title Reveal and Publishing Schedule

The Monster’s Lover, Book One: Releases January 21, 2019

the monster's lover mood board
Pinterest mood board for The Monster’s Lover

The Monster’s Wife, Book Two: Releases February 26, 2019

The Monster and the Prisoner, Book Three: Releases March 2019

The Monster Chained, Book Four: Releases May 2019

The Monster Freed, Book Five: Releases July 2019

the monster's lover, book one_ releases january 21, 2019 the monster's wife, book two_ releases february 26, 2019 the monster and the prisoner, book three_ releases march 2

Want more?

You can read the first three chapters of The Monster’s Lover for FREE right now. Click here to download your copy.

Check out my Pinterest board for more awesome images, and to see what other artists have done with the myth of Fenris.

And, of course, stay tuned! 😉

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