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Hello, 21st Century!

I held out for a long time.

My friends all got one. My mom got one. My Very Proper Sister told me it was awesome. Even my 94-year-old grandmother has one.

That’s right… Everyone had a smartphone but me.

last unicorn.gif
Am I truly the last?

When my African immigrant students offered to take up a collection for me, I thought it might finally be time to get a freaking smartphone.

fight the future

And then my awesome step-mom upgraded to an iPhone 1,000 (or whatever) and sent me her old one.

So, it’s official: I’m now part of the 21st century.

Photo on 10-28-18 at 4.38 PM
So… how does this thing work?

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3 thoughts on “Hello, 21st Century! Leave a comment

  1. Ha,ha…kudos for holding out so long! My granddaughter was four years old when I got a smart phone that made me feel dumb and I felt even dumber when she took pity and started teaching me how to use it because she knew how because her Mom and other Grandma had had one they let her play games on.

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  2. I second those congrats on holding out for so long! I can’t top you—though I am still using my very first smartphone, which I got in 2014. (Four years might as well be 40 when it comes to iphones!) Anyway, I hope you enjoy everything your new technology has to offer—including the off button 🙂


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