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Monday Problems

There I was, sitting down in my kitchen on a rainy Monday morning to work on the last book in the Fenris series, when I hear a scratching noise from inside the wall.

A mouse, perhaps?

Gross. I attempted to ignore it.

More scratching. A freaking squirrel?!? I briefly considered burning the house down.

Then: Scratching and this teeny, tiny “mew?”

I freaked out, grabbed a flashlight, and started pounding on the wall like a madwoman. I finally found a literal hole in the wall in the laundry room where kitty has clearly pulled out a grate.


(Note: we live in a 200 year old farmhouse, and it’s full of mysterious holes in the walls.)

After a lot of calling, cajoling, threatening, and wondering how the hell we’re going to tear down the wall to retrieve a cat, our kitty saunters out of the hole, stretches, and lies down on the floor like it’s no big deal.

Me: “Cat. WTF?”

Cat: “Mondays, man. Mondays.”


Happy Monday, my virtual friends!

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