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Mermaid Fins & Profit Margins: Two Years in Indy Publishing

September is a big month in Samantha MacLeod Land.

It’s the month I go back to work as a teacher. It’s the month I became a mother, back in 2010.

And, on September 6, 2016, I published The Trickster’s Lover and became an independent author.

Last year I wrote a super exciting blog post about the sexy side of independent publishing… the finances, baby! (click here for that) In keeping with tradition, here’s my annual update on the state of the Samantha MacLeod Publishing Empire.

I’ve got three (three!!!) novels now available:

The Trickster’s Lover (Loki Series book 1)

The Wolf’s Lover

The Trickster’s Song (Loki Series book 3)

As well as three novellas:

The Trickster’s Honeymoon (Loki Series book 2)

Hel’s Lover

The Night Watch

And three sexy short stories (plus assorted others in anthologies)

Persephone Remembers the Pomegranates (free!)

Claiming Thor’s Hammer

Winning Freyja’s Cloak

So, how’s that working out for me?

Whoa – I’ve sold over a thousand books in this second year of indy publishing.

Am I in the matrix or what?

I also started tracking my sales and expenses like a madwoman. By keeping my advertising budget down to “almost nada” and continuing to churn out books… I actually made more than I spent this year.

Now, we’re not talking “quit my day job” money. I’m still working – as a philosophy professor and writing instructor, for those of you keeping track. But quitting my day job doesn’t seem quite as crazy as it once did.

And, when my daughter turned eight this month and begged us for a ridiculous swimmable mermaid fin and tail


Reader, I bought it. With my smut money.

So, if you bought one of Samantha MacLeod’s stories in the past year, you also helped to make a little girl’s absurdly expensive birthday wish come true.

Thank you. 🙂

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