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All. The. Loki.

The Trickster’s Song is now available!

Army to defeat TS teaser

Long ago, Loki the Trickster tried to steal the golden apples of immortality. But why? And what did he plan to do with them?

Now, Loki’s mortal wife Caroline has just given birth to their first child. The sleep-deprived parents struggle to enjoy their first night out in months, but an old song gives rise to older memories, and Caroline finally hears the dark and heartbreaking story of why Loki attempted to steal Iðunn’s magical apples.

And what he lost in the attempt.

want Loki's head TS teaser

But is it any good?

Well, you’re the ultimate judge of that, my virtual friend. But here’s what readers are saying:

“It reminds the reader that all of us are to a large extent the products of our pasts, however painful or joyful they may be,” Tina of A Reader’s Review Blog writes. “Highly recommended for lovers of tales containing myths and legends, which explore both the darkness and the joy that can mark our existence.”

“Samantha Macleod does it again! Building on the characters she gave us in the her previous books, we learn even more about Loki of the Aesir. This book is a wonderful blend of romance, sensual scenes, action, and Norse Mythology. Be prepared to fall more in love with Loki with every page.” – Samantha West, Goodreads 5 star review

“I really loved this and think it just might be Samantha’s best yet. She got Loki just the way he should be: very sneaky and flawed and clever with loads of heart beneath it all.” – Moselle Green, Goodreads 5 star review

“I loved this book beyond what words can express and wish I could give more than five stars.” – Jayne, Goodreads 5 star review

Interested? Click here to read it for yourself!

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