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Big Changes for Baldr and Hel

I’ve got big news in the works for my fantasy romance inspired by the Norse myth of Odin’s son Baldr and Loki’s daughter Hel!

And that means it’s time to clean out the old…


I’ve got two signed paperbacks of Death and Beauty just hanging out in my office, and I’d like to send them to you, my virtual friend!

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What kind of changes do I have in the works, you may ask?

Well, stay tuned!

Yes, I was going to write something more exciting… but the whole family has a stomach virus, the husband and I go back to work next week, and we’ve basically survived the last three days on instant oatmeal and Lord of the Rings marathons.

On the plus side, my four-year-old now knows the difference between an orc and Uruk-hai.


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  1. Aragorn is hot, you can never watch those movies enough times. I wrote to Viggo Mortensen back when I was a young fanwoman before he got famous from Lord of the Rings movies (I fell for him in A Perfect Murder especially when I found out he did the paintings in it himself and also wrote poetry, which was actually good besides being a talented painter and photographer and he was nice enough to hand write me back a nice post card, I have that framed on my wall besides a Return of the king poster.


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