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Back to Civilization

We have returned!

The kids, the husband, and I just spent four days in Baxter State Park (read about that here).

I love Baxter, because it’s all about the woods. The park is for wilderness preservation first, and human enjoyment comes in a distant second. They close the gates at 8:30. What few roads the park has are narrow, windy, and unpaved. My husband claims you aren’t even supposed to listen to the radio in the park.

Nothing but trees

Heck, even their “Don’t Be an Idiot with Bears” signs make it clear who’s really important in the park.

(Hint: it’s not the idiot who wants to sleep with Cheetos in their tent.)


I didn’t really want to come home from the woods…


But we ran out of ice.

And drinking white wine un-chilled… well, that’s just barbaric.

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