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Book Review: The Hunt Series by Liz Meldon

When I find an author I love, I tend to binge-read them like crazy. Case in point: all the Janine Ashbless reviews on this very blog.

Well, the amazing Liz Meldon is my current binge read. And her super sexy angels and demons paranormal romance series The Hunt kept me biting my nails and one-clicking “Preorder Now” for months.

I’ve already praised Meldon’s first book, Predator (click here for that review), which introduces us to the incubus demon escort Severus and the graduate student Moira. (Yes, of course I’m a sucker for a paranormal romance with a graduate student heroine.)

I’m delighted to report that The Hunt series gets better and better. Meldon did an amazing job world-building with Predator, managing to pull me into a world of angels, demons, and hybrids with all my disbelief cheerfully suspended.


That world only gets more intense, fascinating, and darker with the following books, Prey, Stalker, and Killer. Meldon gets so many things right in these books. I’m always impressed by authors who can write both adrenaline-pumping actions scenes and Kindle-melting erotica, and Meldon certainly belongs in that camp.

What’s more, her plot was delightfully unpredictable. The few times when I found myself thinking, “Oh, crap, here comes a big miscommunication meltdown,” the characters surprised me by being reasonable, thoughtful, and compassionate. Which meant the challenges Severus and Moira – and the amazingly fun cast of supporting characters inhabiting the world around them – were much bigger and far less ordinary than just navigating the depths of an intimate relationship.

That’s what makes any novel for me, be it a paranormal romance, an epic fantasy series, or The Brothers Karamazov. The characters have to be believable, and the reader needs to connect with their struggles.

Ultimately, that’s why I loved The Hunt so much. I fell for Severus, with his downtrodden past, his desperate striving to do the right thing, and his fathomless loneliness. And I fell for Moira, with her courage in the face of adversity, and her stubborn insistence to hold on to what’s good about her life, even if it means bringing her best friend into a world of angels and demons.

If you’re looking for your next epic read, you can’t go wrong with The Hunt series!

Click here to buy the complete series, or click here for Predator (Book One)

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