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What is the deal with you and Loki?!?

I’m one of the few people who actually met Loki, Thor, and Odin through the Eddas instead of through Marvel. During my graduate school days at University of Chicago (2005 to 2008), I studied a lot of mythology, including Norse mythology.

When Marvel’s Thor came out in 2011, I watched it and thought, “Hey, cool. I read those myths back in grad school.”

Clearly, my subconscious did not let go so easily.

Once I finally decided to start writing again (click here to read more about that decision), I started with a few sci-fi and speculative fiction short stories.

Then I had a dream. About Loki. And the University of Chicago.

I wrote my first ever piece of erotica, a one-shot scene between Loki and a neurotic graduate student named Caroline. That one-shot turned into a short story, which quickly ballooned out of control and became my first novel, The Trickster’s Lover, which is now spiraling into The Loki Series.

Friends who knew me in college and graduate school are wondering where the whole obsession with Norse mythology thing came from.

To be honest, I’m still wondering that myself.

So, in a nutshell, I didn’t chose the mythological smut writing life.

The smut life chose me.

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