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The Filthiest Thing I’ve Ever Written

Have you gotten a chance to check out my erotic short story Winning Freyja’s Cloak?

Or do you just want to read the naughty bits?

The always fabulous Janine Ashbless, to whom I dedicated this particular piece of smut, is hosting a very naught excerpt on her blog this week.

Click here to check it out!


Freyja is the most beautiful woman in Asgard, and she has no shortage of lovers. 

But when Loki shows up on her doorstep, he’s after more than just her legendary beauty. 

Loki asks to borrow Freyja’s feather cloak, the magical garment which transforms the wearer into a falcon. At first, Freyja is reticent to let go of her treasure. However, when Loki promises to show her something she’s never seen before, his offer proves too tempting to resist.

After all, what can Loki the Trickster possibly do to surprise the most experienced lover in Asgard?

Click here to find Winning Freyja’s Cloak on Amazon

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