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The Trickster’s Song

It’s a better name than The Briar and the Rose, right?

That’s what I thought.

The third book in The Loki Series will be called The Trickster’s Song.

Untitled 2
Yes, this is a sneak peek at the cover…

It’s a full length novel (90,000+ words), picking up where The Wolf’s Lover left off, and it’s told from both Caroline and Loki’s perspective. Here’s the blurb:

Long ago, the Norse myths tell us, Loki stole the golden apples of immortality from the beautiful Iðunn.

But why? And what did he plan to do with them?

Now, Loki’s mortal wife Caroline has just given birth to their first child. The sleep-deprived parents attempt to enjoy their first night out in months, but an old song gives rise to older memories, and Caroline finally hears the dark and heartbreaking story of why Loki attempted to steal Iðunn’s magical apples.

And who they were for.


Thor sexy wink

Me too, my virtual friend!!!

I’m editing right now (well, not right now) and hoping to release this story in September.

Are you saying, “What? Loki and Caroline had a baby?!”

Yes. That happens in The Wolf’s Lover.

What more?

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6 thoughts on “The Trickster’s Song Leave a comment

  1. Wow! Yeah I have to agree, The Trickster’s Song is a better title. Since the previous one is to similar to the fairy tale.
    Anyway just thought I’d ask, when you told me about doing a future Loki/Sigyn story set in Loki’s past, will it be long enough to be in paperback?
    It’s just because I don’t want to miss out on any Loki/Sigyn action?
    Also will Sigyn feature in The Fenris Series?
    Anyway Happy Writing


    • Hi Amelia,
      I’m glad you like the new title! 🙂
      I really don’t know what I’m doing with the hypothetical future Loki/Sigyn story (Loki and Sigyn do meet and marry in Trickster’s Song), so… maybe? Books have to be a certain length for me to put them in paperback, so I’ll try to make it long.
      And I think Sigyn will be in The Fenris Series. Probably just a small role.
      Happy writing to you!


  2. Hello again Sam, cheers for answering back, I’m sure you’ll come up with plenty of Loki/Sigyn ideas to pad out a future book?
    Like I said in other emails, since there is practically nothing about Sigyn in the myths she’s pretty much a blank slate.
    But I’m guessing she has to be something special in order to catch Loki’s eye and get him to marry her?
    In my Universe she’s a Vanaheim sorceress with a magical, golden, bejeweled sword called “Interfectorem Deorum” which means Killer of the Gods in Latin.
    Also I read another fans review of Freyja’s Cloak, So you gave Loki two penises huh? Nice! haha.
    I’ve just had an idea? what if you wrote a load of short Loki/Sigyn stories and put them in an anthology?
    That way the stories will be short and it should be long enough for a paperback release?
    What do you think? I think that would work really well?
    they could range from sweet and romantic to passionate and erotic?
    And maybe some could a young Vali and Nari?
    What do you think of this idea?
    I think it could really work?
    Happy Writing


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