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Crimes Against Fashion

Loki has no respect for fashion.

Need proof?

Just check out this excerpt from my incredibly naughty erotic short story Winning Freyja’s Cloak.


Sneak Peek at Winning Freyja’s Cloak

Loki’s hand dropped to his side, and he pulled a dagger out of nowhere. He glanced at the winking, curved blade in his hand, then tilted his head at me. His pale eyes sparkled.

“No,” I said. “Not the dress.”

He stepped closer, the blade glimmering between us. “That dress,” he growled, “is an affront.”

I shifted, partly to move away from Loki’s blade and partly in a vain attempt to relieve the pressure surging between my legs.

“Covering a body as beautiful as yours is an insult,” he continued. He was staring directly into my eyes now, and the intensity of his gaze left me reeling.

“Loki, I like this dress,” I said, with all the dignity I could muster.

His hand slipped around the small of my back. “More than being naked?” he asked.

I sighed and tried to roll my eyes. The effect was probably ruined somewhat by my hips rocking forward, trying to find something to rub against to relieve what had become a very insistent pulse of arousal.

“More than my lips?” he whispered against my neck. “More than my tongue?”

His hand slipped lower, cupping the swell of my ass, and he pulled me forward. Not much, but enough to let me feel the hard length of his perfect cock. Loki’s curved, enormous cock was so perfect, in fact, I suspected he used his magic to enhance it.

He stepped away again, leaving me panting for breath and straining against the velvet rope encircling my wrists. His smile was wilder now, and his flaming red hair drifted over his shoulders. His shirt and pants were tight enough to reveal every muscle in his body, and every inch of his gorgeous erection. The dagger flashed in his hands as he shrugged exaggeratedly.

“Well, if that’s how you feel, I suppose I can always show myself to the door,” he said.

I huffed loudly. “Damn it, do you always have to be so dramatic?”

His eyes flashed. “My darling, I can find you another dress.”

“Fine,” I said. “Do it.”

The blade sliced through the air, silent and faster than I would have imagined. The laces on my bodice slid open, revealing the curves of my breasts. Another flick of Loki’s wrist, and the sleeves of my dress fell apart. The fabric collapsed on my floor with a soft rustle. I sighed.

“This had better be worth losing that dress,” I said.

Loki’s eyes met mine, and he raised the flat end of the blade to press against my throat. It felt cold against the heat of my skin. He could kill me, I realized. He could slit my throat and leave me here, blood running down my naked body to stain the ruined dress at my feet.

The image exploded in my mind like a sudden flash of summer lightning, followed by a scorching rush of arousal.

The fact that he could kill me shouldn’t have made me burn for his touch, but it did.

* * *

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