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“An entertaining continuation”

The wonderful Sarah Lockwood at The Critiquing Chemist posted a lovely review of The Wolf’s Lover!


“In MacLeod’s novels she weaves scenes of steamy romance around the existence of familiar mythological characters within modern settings,” Sarah writes. “The women in both her novels are strong minded, highly educated and intelligent, although sometimes blinded to an unreasonable level by their overwhelming love… Overall, The Wolf’s Lover was an entertaining continuation of MacLeod’s intriguing modern take on Norse mythology.”

Thank you so much, Sarah!

blow kisses

Also, I love that Sarah – in the spoilers section – voiced her appreciation for the scene where Karen and Vali visit Karen’s ex-husband Barry. That was one of my favorite parts to write. I’m so sick of the “evil ex” troupe, and I’m delighted Sarah appreciated my subverting genre expectations. 🙂

Click here to read the entire review.

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