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I’ve Been Naughty…

Have you ever written something so filthy you go, “Damn, what is wrong with me?!”

I have.

And I’m about to share it with the world.

Winning Freyja’s Cloak

This very naughty erotic short story is loosely inspired by Norse mythology, in that Freyja does have a feather cloak, and Loki does borrow it on occasion.

So how does Loki convince Freyja, goddess of beauty and sex, to part with a prized possession?

Oh, I’m sure he can think of a few very creative ways…

Sneak Peek

“Who is it?”

I made sure to ask the question in my most melodic voice, although I knew damn well who it was. The front door of my cottage had a clever little charm on it, making it transparent from the inside. I’d begged the magic from Óðinn after a particularly satisfying night of lovemaking, telling him it was because I wanted to watch the sunset from my lounge. Really, I just wanted the few extra seconds to prepare myself for whoever was on the other side of that door. And I was fairly certain Óðinn knew that when he built the charm.

“It’s your favorite lover,” Loki said.

I waited until I’d opened the door before snorting a laugh.

“That’s funny,” I said. “You don’t look a thing like my favorite lover.”

Loki only smiled.

Damn that incendiary smile of his. He’d probably charmed the skirts off more innocent maidens than all the rest of them combined. I stood up straighter, not wanting to betray the effect his smile had on that tight coil of arousal spooling in my core.

“What do you want, Lie-smith?”

Loki ran a hand through his fiery hair. His eyes sparkled like the first light of morning off the summer ocean, and his black pants were so tight they may as well have been painted on. Oh, why did he have to be so damned handsome? It made him ever so much harder to dislike.

“Good evening, Freyja,” he purred.

His ice-blue eyes dropped, openly admiring my curves. I was wearing a flattering dress, and I knew it. Still, heat surged between my legs as he ran the edge of his extremely talented tongue over his lips.

“I’ve heard there’s only one reason men visit your cottage after the sun sets,” he said.

I drew a quick breath, ready to tell him exactly where he could stick that arrogant, beautiful face of his, but he continued before I had a chance.

“For the exquisite pleasure of your unrivaled…conversation,” he finished, his expression the very picture of innocence.

I froze, my mouth half open. It was a joke, of course, but what could I do? Disagree with him?

Frowning, I crossed my arms over my chest, deepening the cleft of my cleavage. His eyes fell from my lips to my breasts, and a victorious little swell of heat raced over my skin.

“Why don’t you just tell me what you’re after?” I said, arching an eyebrow at him.

He was so close I could smell him, that faint aroma of salt and smoke that always hung around Loki’s body. His scent got stronger when he was turned on, a thought that sent a little flutter through my stomach.

“I need to borrow your falcon cloak,” Loki said, still smiling.

* * *

Winning Freyja’s Cloak comes out in this summer. Stay tuned for more details!

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3 thoughts on “I’ve Been Naughty… Leave a comment

  1. I’m super excited for this!! You know I fully support and encourage your writing filth, the naughtier the better-never be ashamed, It takes skill, it is an artform especially the way you do it and when it better explains mythology and lore that is in danger of being forgotten in our modern age or certainly having its meaning become lost, erotic stories that breathe new life and interest into these old stories are definitely not works to underestimate. Erotica dates back to at least Ancient Egyptian papyri so it is one of humanity’s oldest forms of literature, we should never let anyone shame us for enjoying it or producing it.


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