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Samantha MacLeod’s Privacy Policy

This month, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) go into effect for citizens of the EU. In light of those new regulations, I want to remind everyone of my privacy policy.

In other words, here’s what I’m doing with your information.

If You’re Just Visiting My Site

I do nothing.

Nothing, Jon Snow.

jon snow
Don’t be hurt! I still appreciate you!

I don’t use cookies. I don’t track your IP address. I’m not even sure I could identify an IP address if my life depended on it.

So, if you’re here to read the Loki smut (click here, or here), your secret is safe with me.

If You Join My Mailing List

Thank you!!!!

blow kisses

Seriously, independent authors like myself wouldn’t exist without the support of readers like you.

When you join my mailing list, I give you special offers I don’t share anywhere else, and you’re the first to see my new covers and hear about my new projects. I’ll also share special deals on other books I think you might enjoy. I only ever use your email address; I don’t track your name or location.

If you joined my newsletter list, either by clicking here or visiting Instafreebie, then you are a wonderful person who deserves a cupcake.

Photo on 3-22-18 at 4.51 PM
Go ahead, have two!

Also, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with the emails, you can always unsubscribe. The “unsubscribe” button is at the bottom of every email I send.

What Don’t I Do?

I will never sell your information. Ever. To anyone.

Also, I will never share your email address. Ever. With anyone.

Rest assured, your email is safe with me.


Like what you’ve read? Click here to join my newsletter and I’ll send you a free copy of Tam Lin, my sexy modern take on the Scottish folktale.

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