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Novel Update: Bad Business Decisions

I’ve read a lot of articles about how to turn independent publishing into a successful business, and most of them offer some variation on this advice: Publish more! More! MORE!!!

Hey, that’s awesome, possum. In an ideal world, one where I’m writing blog posts while sipping chardonnay and watching the sunset from my veranda, I would love to publish more, more, MORE!

Sadly, this is a world where I’m sipping a mug of tea that went cold hours ago and watching the dirty dishes in my sink, hoping my kids will eventually stop screaming at each other before I have to go in there and, so help me God, Lay The Smack Down.

In other words, publication of The Briar and the Rose, the dark tragedy that is next book in The Loki Series, is going to be somewhat delayed. (Click here for a sneak peek, if that won’t drive you totes insane.)


Well, my virtual friend, I have got reasons! Step into my kitchen and I’ll tell you a tale. Here, grab yourself a glass of wine from the box on the counter first. And mind the floor – the cat’s been sick.


First, there are personal reasons.

I won’t dwell on these, because my personal life is, as a rule, uninteresting. But I’ve been having horribly painful, non-threatening medical issues for the past three weeks (ovarian cysts, if you’re dying to know), and I’ve spent most of my time curled up with a heating pad instead of writing.

I also have jobs – three of ’em – which are less painful than the cysts, but they never go away. And have I mentioned the children?

When one of the pieces of my juggling act life gets out of whack, something’s gotta give.

That something is writing. Unlike my teaching gigs, it doesn’t pay the bills. And unlike the kids, I won’t get arrested if I ignore it.

I was planning on releasing The Briar and the Rose in May, after spending April doing the final edits. But I haven’t done those edits.

In fact, the entire project has changed…

it's alive

Artistic Reasons

The Briar and the Rose was supposed to be a 30,000 word novella, like Honeymoon (the second book in The Loki Series). Most of Briar & Rose takes place in the distant past, where we learn what really happened when Loki tried to steal Iðunn’s apples of immortality. I started writing this one ages ago, before I even started my Baldr and Hel romance Death and Beauty.

I thought The Briar and the Rose was done. I even bought the cover.

Then, mostly thanks to a few suggestions from my AMAZING and very patient beta reader Jayne, I got an idea.

IDEAS, man!

My first version of Briar & Rose didn’t tell the whole story. I just mentioned the apples, and left out rescuing Iðunn, killing Thiassi, preventing war with Skadi… and the goat. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here.)

Added to the original myth, of course, are several other major characters, plenty of plot twists, and sex.

A LOT of sex.

sexy wink
Cause you know me…

Once I started thinking about the entire myth, a funny thing happened. I realized I actually had planned out the story. I already knew how Loki stopped Skadi’s army, and it even involves a character I’m thrilled to bring back.

It’s also an incredibly long story.

I’m over 50,000 words now and, at this point, I’m not even sure when it’s going to end.

Yup. It’s another freaking novel.

The Good News!

Yay! More Loki! Another entire freaking Loki novel, in fact, as well as lots more time crashing across the Nine Realms, hanging out/fighting with other Æsir, cameos by Hel, Baldr, Thor, meeting Hel and Fenris’s mother Angrboða.

And did I mention sex?


The Bad News 😦

It won’t be coming out in May.

But I’ll have something else for you. I promise!

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7 thoughts on “Novel Update: Bad Business Decisions Leave a comment

  1. Yes! More words, Baldr, Thor, Skadi, more mythic action, more smutty sex scenes, I can wait longer for more! But it is gonna be so awesome. Get well soon, three jobs is a lot. The kids and the house and the writing are also jobs you know that right?


  2. Hi Samantha (if I may call you by your first name)!

    I am a new reader and now a huge fan. I just read the first Loki book and I’d like to think that I’m a discerning reader (it’s the curse of growing up in a family of journalist and writers) and this book not only surpassed my expectations, but it also brought me real joy. I read it, in its entirety, in one sitting as I could not put it down.

    With regards to the delays you’re experiencing, everyone needs to find balance when it comes to work, family and everything else. We don’t always get it right and sometimes the universe has other plans. As they say, “man plans, God laughs”, or something to that effect. I suppose waiting is not as big of a hardship for me as it might be for some as I just now read your book. I also have the short-story to read in the interim. But I feel that waiting is always better than the alternative, which could be book at all. After reading about your Loki and Caroline I truly hope that there are numerous full-length of books to follow. And although I have not read the short story yet, I hope that there is at least one more full-length book about them in the present or “future”. But, of course, more would be better! 😉

    Finally, I just wanted to say that as someone who is suffering from chronic medical issues that have resulted in pain, all day every day for the better part of a decade (and I’m only 35!), you have my sympathy. Living in pain does not just bring temporary suffering, it robs you of time and productivity and I believe the thid is far worse than the actual physical pain. But, I digress, and I hope you have excellent doctors that are working to make your quality of life better in the meantime.

    I look forward to reading many more of your books to come and I wish you a speedy recovery.

    All My Best,
    Lauren L.


    • Thank you so much, Lauren!

      I so appreciate your kind words. And, wow, I’m so sorry to hear about your chronic medical issues and pain. Mine have only lasted a month, and I’m completely wiped out. You’re a very strong person!

      And yes, the next book is (slowly) taking shape. In the meantime, Loki and Caroline make an appearance in The Wolf’s Lover, and Loki shows up in my novella Death and Beauty as well. That Loki gets around… 😉

      I’m so pleased to hear you enjoyed the book, especially coming from your background. You’ve made my night! 😀


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