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Glorious Purpose Giveaway!

Loki in my urban fantasy romance novels is based on the character in Norse mythology, and he’s not the same as Marvel’s Loki (for a complete breakdown of the differences between Norse and Marvel’s Loki, click here).

Although, admittedly, they’re both hot as hell.

So, in anticipation of the next Avengers movie, I’m combining my Loki with Marvel’s Loki for a fantastic giveaway!


Yes, I’m giving away three signed Loki books and a really delightful scented candle from Lemon Cakes Candle Company.

Click here to enter!

Interested in the books?


The Trickster’s Lover is an urban fantasy romance about Caroline Capello, graduate student at the University of Chicago, who has dedicated her carefully planned life to the serious study of Norse mythology.

At least, until Loki shows up in her bedroom.

Click here for The Trickster’s Lover on Amazon, and click here to find it elsewhere.

The Wolf’s Lover tells the story of Karen McDonald, wildlife biologist studying wolves in Yellowstone National Park, and Loki’s son Vali, who is trapped in the shape of a great, black wolf.

The Wolf’s Lover is currently free for members of Kindle Unlimited (click here to find it) and available in paperback elsewhere (click here for paperbacks).

Death and Beauty is a fantasy romance loosely inspired by the Norse myth of Baldr the Beautiful’s death (at the hands of Loki). When he finds himself in the land of the unglorious dead, Baldr strikes a bargain with Queen Hel, Loki’s daughter, in order to return to the land of the living.

Death and Beauty is also free on Kindle Unlimited (click here) and available in paperback elsewhere (click here for the paperback).

And that candle!


The candle comes from Lemon Cakes Candle Company, and it really does smell like hot villainous space royalty. Click here to check it out.

May you be burdened with glorious purpose, my friends!

glorious purpose

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