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Book Review: Predator by Liz Meldon

Is there anything better than discovering a fantastic new series?

Well, perhaps discovering that series during an epic snowstorm, while the kids are watching mind-numbing cartoons and you can curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and get intimate with a demon escort…


I’ve been a fan of Liz Meldon since I discovered her Lovers and Liars series, which pairs everyone’s favorite Norse god Loki with Greek goddess Aphrodite to solve supernatural crimes (check out my review here).

When I saw Meldon was planning a series about a demon incubus working as a male escort, I one-clicked that bad boy so fast I almost broke a nail. And this book arrived just in time for a lovely snow day read.

Predator is the first book in Meldon’s new series, The Hunt, and it’s already got me hooked on her characters and totally invested in her world. There is the afore-mentioned sexy demon escort, Severus, who survives off of the life essence he gathers from humans in his job as a male escort. He’s perfectly snarky, independent, and tough… until he meets Moira.

Moira, graduate student and recluse, thinks she’s dying. Her body is changing into something unrecognizable and, to make a tough situation even worse, she’s never gotten to experience an orgasm.

Well, if she’s dying anyway, Moria figures she might as well book a male escort to go out with a bang. (Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.)

Is there explosive chemistry between Severus and Moira? Oh, yes! Are dark secrets revealed during the story? Heck yeah, even secrets I didn’t see coming.

The best part is, while Predator leaves you wanting more, Prey, the second book in The Hunt Series is just around the corner.

And you better believe I one-clicked the hell out of it!

You can find Predator here, and you can pre-order Prey, the second book in the series, right here.

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