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Tiny Sneak Peek at The Wolf’s Lover

The Wolf’s Lover, my urban fantasy romance with wildlife biologist Karen McDonald and Loki’s son Vali, comes out next month!

If you just can’t wait, here’s a little sneak peek with everyone’s favorite Norse god…

(This scene takes place slightly after the sneak peek I posted last year.)

The Wolf’s Lover Sneak Peek

“Okay,” I said, taking a deep breath. “So there’s a dragon in the roots of the World Tree. But what’s it doing here? In Montana?”

“This is an odd place,” said Loki, rolling his empty glass in his palms. “There are some places where the Nine Realms are far-flung, and there are some places where they are stacked tightly, one against the other. Where the borders between them are thin.”

I leaned forward and poured him another glass of scotch. Odd goods, indeed.

“Thank you,” he said. Then he raised an eyebrow at me. “Didn’t you ever wonder why boiling hot water pours from the ground in this place?”

“Well, that’s because in Yellowstone the earth’s crust is—” I paused.

“Thin?” Caroline asked.

I took a deep breath and decided to just let this debate between science and mythology go. “So there’s a dragon,” I said. “And Vali…what? He went after it? He went to stop it?”

“I don’t know,” Loki said. There was a sharp edge to his voice. He raised his glass to his lips and drained it.

“Look,” I said, “I hate to disappoint you, but it’s not like Vali texts me or anything. I haven’t seen him since November.”

Loki stared at me. For a heartbeat something flashed in his pale eyes, something dark and feral and howling. My stomach clenched painfully, and I turned away, my breath catching in the back of my throat, the words I was about to speak dead in my mouth.

“I saw him,” I said. My voice sounded choked and thin, as if it came from far away. “I dreamt of him. On Christmas Eve. He had a blue sword, and he…He went into a dark place.”

Loki closed his eyes. “So he’s found Hrotti,” he muttered. “Vali has claimed the ancient sword of heroes.”

I felt cold as I remembered the dark mouth of the cave and the burned tang in the air.

“What do we do?” I said.

Loki shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair. Caroline wrapped her arm around his shoulders.

“What do we do?” I said again. “You came here for a reason. You want something from me. What do you want?”

For a long time neither of them moved. The refrigerator kicked on again with a hum; the clock ticked softly in my study. Finally Loki sighed and reached for the Glenlivet. He divided the last of the scotch into our two glasses.

“Take us there,” he said, raising his glass to clink against mine. “Maybe it’s not too late.”


Excited? Me too!

You can read the first eight chapters of The Wolf’s Lover – for FREEright here, or preorder the entire novel for just .99 right here.

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111 thoughts on “Tiny Sneak Peek at The Wolf’s Lover Leave a comment

  1. Hi Sam, hope the writing is going well?
    How many Fenris stories will there be?
    I know you’ve mentioned you’ll put the short story anthology in paperback. A special thank you to you from all us paperback puritanes!, the fun loving ones not the ones from british history! (They were soooo boring!)
    1.So what other stort stories are going to be in this up and coming book?
    2.Is it going to include Claiming Thor’s Hammer and Winning Freyja’s Cloak?
    Also, Loki will be back in Avengers 4 and Tom Hiddleston has agreed to play him again in an all new Live Action Loki TV series next year! maybe he can finally get a love interest?
    R.I.P Stan Lee, We shall all miss your cameos.
    And you don’t have to apologize for the magic ribbon, I’m sure you’ll make it work?, It’s just Neil Gaiman’s version was so droll, I kept falling asleep.
    3.Also While I am re-shaping my Universe, most of it will take place in modern day England now. Can I have your permisstion to mention you and your Loki books in my stories?
    4.Also when is the first Fenris story coming out in December?
    5.Just out of curiosity, have you seen The Phantom of the Opera on stage and the 2004 film?
    6. I know I’ve mentioned her before, but apart from you, Michelle Rodriguez and her Phantom of the Opera stories are brilliant, and you can read some for free on her fanfiction page, only if you want to of course, but all the rest and the new ones are on Amazon.
    Take Care


    • Hello again,
      Thanks for all the questions! Let’s see… I answered 1 and 2 in my latest blog post about the short story collection, Legends & Lovers. Yes, it’ll be in a paperback, and I’m hoping to have it out before Christmas. We’ll see how fast I am…
      3. YES! That would be AWESOME! I’m so flattered! 😀
      4. The first Fenris story will actually come out in Jan, on 1/22. I’ll try to have a paperback of that one as well. We’ll see! (paperback covers are more expensive for me, and I’m trying not to overspend this year)
      5. I saw Phantom of the Opera on stage in London in ’99, and I thought the female lead should have run away with the Phantom. He was way sexier, scars and all. Geez, some women have no freaking taste.
      6. I’ll check her out! 🙂
      Thanks again, and happy writing,


  2. Hello Sam, I am eagerly awaiting the answers to my questions?
    Also I know Tom Hiddleston has said in many interviews that he’s not gay (If he does ever come out I’d be happy for him.) I mean he can never seem to hold on to a relationship with a woman? (Or an insecure, whiny child trapped in a 20-somethings body in Taylor Swift’s case…God I loath her!)
    But anyway since Loki in the Marvel comic books and Norse Myths and your books is Pansexual. In this up and coming Loki TV series do you reckon Tom would be able to play a pansexual person? Because he’s always played a straight person while on screen…I think? I have not seen everything he’s in?
    So what would be your thought on this theory?
    Hope the writing is going well?
    Take Care


    • Hi Amelia,
      Yes, answers are coming!
      But to address the most pressing question first: Yes, Hiddleston could play literally anything. And that’s not my opinion; that’s a fact. 😉
      Having said that, I don’t think Marvel’s Loki will get much (or any) action. Because, Disney. So, I promise I’ll keep writing to give the world its fill of pansexual Loki!
      Take care,


  3. Hello Sam, Hope you and your family are well and looking forward to Christmas.
    I hope The Fenris Series is going well?
    Are there still going to be five books or has it grown?
    We paperback puritans are hoping they can be in paperback, I mean you’ve done it with all the others?
    You’ve evan found a way to bring Claiming Thor’s Hammer, Winning Freyja’s Cloak and Persephone remembers the pomegranates out in paperback with Legends and Lovers?
    How many pages does this book series contain?
    What if you sold them separately in Kindle and then sold them as a box set in paperback? (I’m just trying to find a loop hole, there’s always one?)
    And besides you’ve made them sound so good, you could always start a charity or something to raise the money?
    Anyway hope the writing is going well
    Take Care


  4. Hi Sam, I forgot to tell you if you fancy reading some of Michelle Rodriguez’s free Phantom stories on her fanfiction page her page name is “michellemybelle25”. Just Google it and it comes up straight away.
    1. Is there anymore news on The Fenris Series?
    2. How many Fenris books will there be? Is it still five or is there going to be more?
    3. So what did you think of the charity, money raiser idea in my previous email for paperbacks?
    Also I was thinking about this new Loki series and If whiny Tony can “get some” in the Iron Man trilogy?
    Why can’t Loki? I mean it does not have to be really graphic, you know maybe just some passionate kisses, some clothes being removed ( Get Tom/Loki shirtless already Marvel!) rolling around on the bed (Maybe?) and then fade to black and leave it up to the viewer’s imagination?
    What do you think?
    Can’t wait for Legends and Lovers
    Hope you and your family are looking forward to Christmas
    Take Care


    • Good morning, Amelia,
      Thanks for asking! 🙂
      1. No more news at the moment – I’m going through beta comments on book one, line editing book 2, and trying to finish book 5! Book 1 is still coming out on 1/22/19, and hopefully Book 2 will come out in Feb.
      2. Still five books, and I’m sticking to that! The last book will be pretty long, though…
      3. I’m going to try to do the paperback for each book! We’ll see how it goes. The money raiser idea is interesting, but honestly, I don’t have time to figure it out right now (gotta teach my 6 classes on top of writing).
      And, yeah, I’d love to see Loki get some action in the new series. Marvel, if you need any ideas, I’ve got a few books for you to check out!
      Take care, and happy holidays to you,


  5. Hello Sam, I hope you and your family are looking forward to Christmas?
    And I hope all the writing and editing and all the other stuff is going well with Legends and Lovers and Fenris?
    I am eagerly awaiting your thoughts on my last two emails? though I can relate, tis the season to buy things fast before their gone.
    So it can be hectic. Though that’s why I like the third party sellars online? So affordable! yay!
    Anyway as I said I hope everything is going well?
    Enjoy the holidays!!
    Take Care


  6. Wishing you a Happy Christmas to you and your family on this Chistmas Eve!
    And a Happy New Year!
    I’ve ordered Legends and Lovers and am now reading it, I’m currently reading The Trickster, It’s alright.
    I’m sorry if this ofends you, but why did you make Loki stalk Caroline?
    Stalking is not sexy! as someone who has been stalked, along with my mother in the past, I can speak from experience (And he’s still out there walking free!) as a fellow author and friend I emplore you please don’t go down the road that Stephenie Meyer and E.L.James went down! (People, If you stalk! take a walk…off the edge of a cliff!)
    Ok with that aside I am enjoying Legends and Lovers I liked the Persephone story, congrats on writing an incest story (Persephone and Hades are uncle and niece).
    I am really sorry if what I said has affected you in a way, it’s just I’m so tired of authors writing about boys/men who stalk women as if their prey.
    Back when I was in school I had this friend who as obsessed with Twilight and when I asked her what her favorite part of the book was she said she liked it when what’s his name snuck into the female lead’s bedroom in the middle of the night and watched her sleep! And she called it romantic!!!!!!! What!! The!!! Hell!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding….Red lights, Red lights…..”Step away from the sleeping girl and put your hands up!”
    If that ever happened to me I would’t care how attractive he was I’d scream “fire” and pull the cord on my rape alarm! (I’ve never been raped, it’s better to have an alarm then not, just in case).
    Ok I do understand that it’s a fantasy and he’s a Norse God with magic powers and that and I suppose I’d enjoy it if I knew he meant me no harm and doted on me a little. But in reality if you were in your bedroom and a strange man either poofed out of thin air or came in through the window or bedroom door or even fell through the ceiling, How would you react?
    Anyway with that all out of my system I really hope you and your family have a stupendous Christmas and an even better New Year.
    Once again I’m sorry if this email has offended you in anyway? I just don’t want you to end up like Stephenie Meyer and E.L.James because their both horrible storytellers!
    Best Wishes
    Take Care
    Your Vertual Friend
    Merry Christmas xxxx


    • Hi Amelia,
      Thanks for your thoughtful message. I totally agree with you about that scene in Twilight – there were a few scenes in those books that I found really disturbing, and that was totally one of them. So, yes, I can see where you’re coming from.
      The Trickster was kind of tough to write – I wanted to show that Loki was drawn to Caroline, but he also didn’t want to get involved. Following her onto a train and into the coffee shop was my way to try to show his ambivalence and (maybe?) some vulnerability in being almost afraid to approach her. I did want to make consent really important, but that’s a tough balance to strike.
      Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ll take it into consideration for the next one!
      Take care, and happy holidays,


  7. Hello Sam, thanks for considering my words on that particular subject.
    On a lighter note I have a fun little question for you?
    If The Trickster’s Lover got greenlighted to become a movie?
    which male actor could you see playing Loki?
    Now I’m afraid Tom Hiddleston is ruled out on this one, due to the fact that he’s the easy choice. (Though it would be nice to finally see the famed “Hiddleconda” code for his penis, bragged about on the internet).
    Seriously, Google it! it’s crazy!
    And which actress could you see playing Caroline?
    And how would you react if someone said they had to cut this scene, despite how sexy it is?
    All Marvel movie actors and actresses are ruled out on this questionaire! because it’s not fair on everyone else.
    Funny enough I’m not the only person who would like to see this as a movie? And which actors people would choose to play the leads?
    Well I can say that if they ever do greenlight it for a film, the awesomeness of it will distract us all from how bad the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy was!
    I’d also recommend the Norse Mythology Quizes online there so much fun! ranging from which God/Goddess are you? to which one would fall in love with you?
    I got Loki on every one! I know big shocker! (ah, sarcasm what would I do without you?)
    Anyway hope the writing is going well!
    Take Care
    Happy New Year!


  8. Hi Sam, It’s been a while, how are you?
    Hope everything is going well with The Fenris Series?
    Love The Monster’s Lover cover!
    Anyway just thought I’d ask.
    1.Do you think we’ll see more of Nidhogg in the future?
    2. What is your reply to my last email? I’m iching to know?
    3. Have you heard of Lori Devoti? she’s written a Norse Mythology series called Nine Worlds, it’s got Witches, Hellhound-Shifters,Wolf-Shifters,Elves,Dwarves and Dragon-Shifters. Previously published by Mills and Boon.
    It’s just that I love dragons so much and I can’t for the life of me find a decent Dragon Shifter series. (Apart from book 6 of Lori Devoti’s Nine Worlds series.) That’s why I asked about Nidhogg?
    The book series are either to long (What is it with people and spin-offs?)Or they feel as though they were writen by pre-teens.
    I’ve had to keep some of my books in a party bag I’ve got so many, all my shelves are full (But just details, nothing to worry about, I always find room somewhere.)
    Anyway hope the writing is going well.
    Take Care


    • Hi Amelia!
      Thanks for being so patient. Things have been cra-cra with the new release and my classes starting up again. 😛
      1. Yes! But… when? Not sure yet…
      2. Oh, I’ll reply to that next. 🙂
      3. No, I haven’t. I’ll check her out!
      I’ll admit I haven’t read too many dragon shifter series. If you find a good one, let me know!
      Take care, and thanks for checking in. I hope your writing is going well too. 🙂


  9. Hello Sam it’s been a while since we’ve talked.
    First off how are you and your family? How’s Flame?
    A lot has happened around here. We now have a cat too!
    His name is Evrin, his colour is Ginger and White,we didn’t name him the family fostering him did. Otherwise we would have named him something better.
    But anyway he’s a sweetheart, loves cuddles,we bonded straight away. Myself and animals have always had some kind of link?
    So I’ve finally had enough money to order the first three Fenris books: Loving Them!! Can’t wait for the last two.
    Also any sneak peaks for The Trickster’s Wife?
    Sadly, the diagnosis from the doctors came back. The pain in my right shoulder and arm is called CRPS: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I’ve had to limit my time on the internet, so writing is slow.
    Anyway on a happier note did you see the new Avengers movie?
    I’m disappointed that Loki wasn’t in it more? Oh well, I’m looking forward to the Loki TV Show anyway.
    Hope everything across the pond is alright?
    Hope the writing is going well.


    • Thanks for your message, Amelia. It’s great to hear from you!
      We have a second cat now, named Sadie (she also came with her name). The two kitties get along great, which is lucky!
      I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying the Fenris series. There’s a LOT of Loki in the last book, I promise! I’m editing it right now and am really ready to get it out into the world.
      Yes, Avengers: Endgame suffered from a tragic lack of Loki. They set up his TV show well, although I’m a bit nervous about that. Here’s hoping Disney can pull it off… Hey, Disney, need a writer or two? 😉
      Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I know a lot of writers use voice-to-text software – maybe that’s an option for you? Either way, do take care of yourself.


  10. Hi Sam hope you are ok and the writing is going well? How are the cats? Anyway I wanted to ask is The Trickster’s Wife about Loki and Caroline or Loki and Sigyn? Only curious. Any sneak peeks about it at all?
    You know when I told you about my love of dragons and you asked me to let you know if there are any good dragon-shifter romances out there? Well I found a trilogy that’s not just good…..It’s as sexy as hell!
    It’s called Cursed Dragons by Cecilia Lane. She’s also wrote another dragon trilogy called Dragonsworn if you want to check that one out too? But Cursed Dragons sounds better in my opinion. Dragons, Witches, Demons and the Underworld! what more could you ask for……Oh and sex of course (a lot of) sex.
    There’s also a dueology called Dragon, Stone and Steam By Emma Alisyn. Which is set in the future and has Steampunk elements in it!
    Cursed Dragons By Cecilia Lane.
    B1 Dragon’s Touch.
    B2 Dragon’s Desire.
    B3 Dragon’s Demon.
    Dragon, Stone and Steam By Emma Alisyn.
    B1 The Mountain King.
    B2 The Silver Spider.
    Hope you enjoy them.
    P.S Writing is still slow, now have Writers Block (Bugger!) A Quote: “Writer’s Block, when your imaginary friends stop talking to you”.


  11. Hello Sam, How are you? Hope the writing is going well? The Monster Freed cover looks awesome! Do you know when the paperback version will come out?
    Also what are your thoughts on my previous email?
    Is there anymore news or sneak peeks about The Trickster’s Wife?
    My worldbuilding is going great, some of my secondary characters are same-sex, but different shapeshifters.
    Erin, my cat is getting better. His tablets are working. He has cat dermatitis, but he is inproving a lot.
    Anyway, Hope you and your family are well. Enjoy the dragon books, in your own time.
    Hear from you later.


  12. Hello Sam me again. I was browsing through some fan art of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and I think I found a good, or should that be evil? love match, get ready for this! Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent? What do you think? Loki and Maleficent? Fanfiction writers have had a storm with this idea.
    What are your thoughts?
    Hope you are well.


  13. Hi Sam, hope everything is ok? Love the purple hair.
    I’m writing again! and in my author’s note I did a shout out to you, to say thanks for all the help you offered me.
    I hope you enjoy your long rest, their’s nothing better. Hope your family and pets are ok? Your puppy is adorable.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Best Wishes.


  14. Hi Samantha, How have you been doing during the Quarantines? Hope your all safe and well?
    Me and my mum are both safe and well? I’ve been going even more crazier then usual, but have survived the boredom by doing a lot of reading. Reading two new series back to back: Darkness Series by Katie Reus and Moonlight Rogues by Alexa Whitewolf. Both series are paranormal romance and with Alexa, she’s Romanian, so with her series I’m learning how to speak it, which is awesome! I told her a lot about you? All great things of course? And she’s reading your sexy Norse Mythology books now too. I’ve been re-reading them alongside the other two series, as well as Harry Potter? So yeah, a lot of reading!
    Myself and Alexa have been emailing each other back to back as well. You two would get on like a house on fire? Your both funny, intelligent and you both love the paranormal world and mythology and folklore.
    Anyway, again hope your all safe and well over there?
    Best Wishes.
    Your Friend, Amelia xx


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