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Cover Reveal: The Wolf’s Lover

My urban (rural?) fantasy romance The Wolf’s Lover comes out on February 21!

But you get to see the gorgeous cover Teresa Conner made for my second novel right now…

5.5x8_TheWolfsLover-MOCKUP in white

What will that fancy text be, you ask?

A little something like this…

Karen McDonald buried her past.

Five years after her divorce, Karen is a wildlife biologist studying wolves in Yellowstone National Park. But when the wolf she tranquilizes turns into a man – a man she recognizes from the recurring dreams which have haunted her for years – her rational, scientific world gives way to something stranger and more dangerous.

The man is Vali, son of Loki. He was imprisoned thousands of years ago, cursed to live inside a wolf’s body. Now Vali tells Karen he’s being hunted…and he’s hunting as well.

Because something has awoken beneath the volcanic caldera of Yellowstone, an ancient power that could spell the end of everything, unless Karen is willing to risk her life, and unearth the secrets of her past, to save her world.

Ready to check it out?

You can download the first eight chapters – for FREEright here, or preorder the entire novel here.


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One thought on “Cover Reveal: The Wolf’s Lover Leave a comment

  1. That man is hot just like his Dad! Great cover photo-I love it, it’s perfect! Another perfect cover with another super hot guy on it!


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