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Book Review: Lovers and Liars Series by Liz Meldon

Sometimes you read a book that makes you say, “Damn, why didn’t I think of that?!?”

The Lovers and Liars series by Liz Meldon has three of those books.

Manhattan, the first book in Meldon’s Lovers and Liars series, opens with the Greek goddess Aphrodite, who is a bit bored with life in the modern world.

Sure, she’s got a fabulous apartment, a cushy job writing advice columns for the lovelorn (which provides a clever frame for all three books in this series), and any mortal man she could desire, but isn’t there something more to life with the humans?

Enter Loki, our very favorite Norse god.

loki wink

(For the record, no, I don’t automatically love any book with Loki – see my review of The Gospel of Loki.)

I’ve read a lot of portrayals of Loki since I sat down to write my own Loki romance, and I have to say, I love Meldon’s version. Loki in the Lovers and Liars series is spot-on — seductive, untrustworthy, at turns vulnerable, snarky, and defensive.

While Aphrodite has survived in the modern world by finding a job and, occasionally, marrying for money, Loki tries another tact. He’s solving supernatural crimes in exchange for human worship, and hoping to regain his former powers.

After several explosive sex scenes (thank you, Liz Meldon), Aphrodite is pulled into Loki’s world, which proves to be far more interesting than her advice columnist gig.

The first book in the series, Manhattan, has Loki and Aphrodite facing a maenad. It’s also FREE, so you have absolutely no reason not to one-click that puppy now.

lovers and liars manhattan

The next two books, Vancouver and Westwick College, have the pair of gods traveling across North America and tracking down various mysterious entities. Each book in the series raises the stakes, both for Loki and Aphrodite’s relationship and for their very survival.

I suppose you could pick this series up in the middle and start with Vancouver, but I recommend starting at the beginning. Trust me, you won’t want to miss any of Loki and Aphrodite’s adventures. 🙂

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  1. I had bought these and loaded ’em on my kindle long ago but never got around to reading yet, like so many things, thanks for the review, now I will definitely have to read them! Have you tried the Call 1800-Mischief I think the first book is called series? Loki is doing penance on earth solving crimes as a private detective sort tasting venom if he lies or deceives a human when it isn’t for their own good instead of being trapped in a cave under a snake. Pretty good, no sexy times for poor Loki pining after valkyries…


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