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So Long, 2017!

Yup, it’s that time of year again.

Champagne is flowing, people are wearing silly hats, and I’m writing a self-indulgent blog post about my life!


I don’t write a lot about my personal life, because I’m…well…pretty boring, to be honest. I spend most of my time teaching, grading, chasing kids around, or writing. Still, I’ve made some non-writing-related changes this year.

First, I got a job teaching English to immigrants and refugees. It’s a good job (aside from the pay – ha!) because it turns out it’s impossible to feel sorry for yourself when you’re teaching someone who had to leave their entire family behind and is living in a homeless shelter and has never been in weather colder than 65 degrees and still manages to come to school with a smile. My students are all amazing.

I also joined the Board of Directors for my local library, and now I’m the Publicity Director (also unpaid – ha!). I did this because I believe in libraries, goddamn it, and they could use our help.

Looking back, it’s pretty clear the current political climate really influenced my personal life this year. I suppose many of us felt a loss of faith at the end of last year; I sure as hell did. Suddenly, the values and institutions that once felt like a fundamental part of our society are at risk.

I didn’t think of my job or library board decisions as especially political, at least at the time. But looking back, I think I was responding to that loss of faith with a, “Shit, I guess someone’s gotta stand up for immigrants and libraries and all the other things that make this country actually great.”

And that person might as well be me. Damn it.

Oh, I also still have children. Two of them. I’ve managed another year of parenthood, and they seem fairly well-adjusted.

The children

I have to yell at my seven-year-old to stop reading at the dinner table, but secretly that makes me incredibly happy. 🙂

Alright, enough about me.

On to the writing!

2017 marks my second year on this crazy publishing adventure.

I’ve published two novellas

The Night Watch, an M/M/M/F polyamory fantasy which came out with Less Than Three Press in November.


“It’s a story that ends in polyamory about found family and letting yourself be happy, and it felt like drinking a warm hot chocolate to read it. I’ll be coming back to this when I need cheering up.” – Silas, Goodreads

Death and Beauty, a fantasy romance inspired by Norse mythology.


“A beautifully written erotic novella which presents the reader with a highly original twist on one of my favourite tropes – Beauty and the Beast.” – Tina Williams, A Reader’s Review Blog

I’ve also published three short stories

Claiming Thor’s Hammer, an erotic M/M/M retelling of a Norse myth that cemented my spot on Santa’s naughty list.


“They say the only absolutes in life are death and taxes. I’d like to propose another—death, taxes, and Samantha MacLeod producing entertaining literature.” – Danielle at Caldwell Publishing

Persephone Remembers the Pomegranates, another naughty retelling of a myth (Greek this time), which I’m literally just giving away for free.


“My first impression: WOW! MacLeod infuses sexiness into this old story and brings a tragic aura to Hades… MacLeod weaves words like a magician and I loved it! Highly recommend!” – N.N. Light, Goodreads

On Selkie Beach, a sexy modern fairy tale, which appeared in the Sinful Pleasures anthology

Yes, I’m very proud

On Selkie Beach by Samantha McLeod appeals to the fairy tale lover in me. I really enjoyed this erotic take on Scottish folklore and would welcome a sequel or a second story in the same vein by this author.” – M. Vandevoorde, Amazon

And I’m Still Writing

Unlike Bronwyn Green, I wasn’t organized enough to keep track of how many words I’ve written or books I’ve read (uh, a million?) but trust me — I’ve kept busy.

I started 2017 with a sort of haphazard goal of writing more flash fiction (total fail there) and finishing my second full novel, The Wolf’s Lover (uh… also a fail).

But I’m going into 2018 with a PLAN, damn it!

The Wolf’s Lover is finished, and will be released in February 2018. I’ll also offer a sneak peek at the first eight chapters next month…stay tuned!

The Briar and the Rose, a tragic story from Loki’s past and the third book in the Loki series, will be released in May 2018.

And then we’re on to The Fenris Series

Sol Eriksen is out of options, and nearly out of time.

When her father dies in an accident in the Ironwood forest, leaving her family unable to fulfill their lumber quota for King Nøkkyn, Sol’s mother and brothers realize they have only one thing that may satisfy the king: Sol herself.

A fortnight later, Sol is promised to King Nøkkyn, and sworn to become the newest member of his harem after the Reaping Ceremony in the fall.

When she meets a distractingly handsome stranger deep in the Ironwood, Sol thinks he must be a madman, or a demon. Especially when he claims to be the monstrous Fenris-wolf.

Sol knows she should run from him.

And she should not, under any circumstances, kiss him.

The first book of the Fenris series, The Monster’s Lover, will be released in August 2018. I’ll release the following books every two months until the series is complete.

After that, I’d really like to check back in on Caroline and Loki. I think they’re probably up to something interesting… 😉

Thanks for reading, my friends, and I wish you a glorious New Year!

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4 thoughts on “So Long, 2017! Leave a comment

  1. So many upcoming projects to be excited about-Fenris and Loki books!!! I think I just drooled on my laptop! Wondered what story the little snippets of words about the Ironwood came from!


  2. Oooooooh, I’m so excited about all of the above! Sign. Me. Up.
    To be fair, the only way I keep track of everything is because Jess Jarman made me a handy dandy spreadsheet that keeps track of writing, client edits, and blogging. Jess is my organizational guru.


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