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The Night Watch Teaser

The Night Watch, my sexy M/M fantasy romance, comes out with Less Than Three Press on November 29th!


When Prince Liam returns to his kingdom after five years away, there’s only one person he wants desperately to see: Cerdec, his closest friend since childhood. But Cerdec is now a knight sworn to protect the kingdom, and Liam fears he is the only one who remembers their stolen moments together.

Newly-sworn knight Cerdec has had no shortage of lovers since Liam left, but he’s never felt as close to them as he once felt to the prince. Now that Liam has returned, Cerdec is prepared to serve as his personal guard, even if the position torments his with longing he’s terrified to voice.

Even if it means he must welcome and protect the bride Liam’s father has selected.

But you don’t have to wait until the 29th to have a sneak peek… 😉

The Night Watch ~ Teaser

“By the gods, I thought that party would never end,” Liam muttered.

Cerdec snorted a laugh. They were alone in the corridor. Cerdec had kept careful count of the guests, silently urging all of them to shut the fuck up and get out of there. The moment over half the guests had departed, the prince and his knight were out the door.

“I felt the same,” Cerdec said.

They reached an intersection in the corridor and Liam turned, confidently striding down the hall. The wrong hall. He thinks he still sleeps in the nursery, Cerdec realized. It was the first show of vulnerability he’d seen in Liam. Cerdec reached for his arm, closing his fingers around Liam’s wrist. Liam flinched, yanking his arm from Cerdec’s grasp.

“I’m sorry,” Cerdec gasped. “I—I didn’t mean—”

The silence between them grew thick. They were far from a torch, and Liam’s face was shrouded in shadows. But he was breathing quickly, as though he were afraid.

“Your room is the other way,” Cerdec whispered.

Liam straightened his shoulders and Cerdec realized they were almost of height. Perhaps Cerdec was still a bit taller; they’d have to stand closer to resolve it. Cerdec’s irrepressible cock twitched again and he cursed himself for even thinking about getting closer to the prince. Liam brushed past him and Cerdec inhaled, catching a whiff of his scent that nearly undid him. I would take him right here, in this hallway.

Gods, I’d take him anywhere.

Liam paused at the intersection. “If you would be so kind,” he said in a level, measured voice. “Please show me to my room.”

He did not turn to meet Cerdec’s eyes. In the torchlight, Liam looked pale and exhausted. He looked, Cerdec realized, like he could really use a guard.

“Of course,” Cerdec said. “You’re almost there.”

Liam trailed him down the corridor, his steps seeming to slow as they approached the wing reserved for the royal family. They’d spent years renovating; Cerdec had examined the plans along with his father, discussing their defensibility, their tactical implications. And Cerdec had tried, desperately tried, not to think of Liam sleeping there. Of the way his beautiful body would move through those empty rooms.

“This is it,” said Cerdec. “It’s all new. I…I hope you like it.”

Cerdec stepped back, wanting Liam to be the one to open the doors to his new quarters. Liam hesitated at the entrance, running his fingers over the smoothly polished wood.

“Eagles,” he muttered, tracing the delicate carving on the door.

“I hope they’re still your favorite,” Cerdec said. The eagles had been his idea, suggested very discreetly through his father.

Liam closed his eyes and breathed deeply through his nostrils. Cerdec was struck with the sudden, bizarre impression that the prince was trying not to cry. Then the moment passed and Liam pushed open the doors.

The torches had burned low, bathing the room in soft golden flickers. Liam shook his head as he entered, his fingers lingering on the massive wooden desk. “It’s enormous,” he said.

“This is just the antechamber,” Cerdec said. “Beyond is the, uh. The bedchamber.”

“All this for one person,” Liam whispered.

Cerdec fell silent. He slept in a bunk in the barracks, in a room he shared with seven other knights. Liam turned toward the bedchamber but hesitated on the threshold. His shoulders hunched, as if he were in pain, and Cerdec moved toward him.

“If there’s anything else I can do for you,” Cerdec said.

Liam’s hand darted out and caught Cerdec’s wrist. His fingers shook as they closed over Cerdec’s skin. Liam turned toward him, his eyes burning with mute longing and loneliness, with fear and desire. The space between their bodies trembled.

I might hang for this, Cerdec thought.

And he pressed his lips against Liam’s.

* * *

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  1. Cannot wait to feast my eyeballs on The Night Watch!!!! Seems like it’s going to be swoon worthy and oh-so romantic!


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