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Claiming Thor’s Hammer

All of Asgard depends on Thor…

And his legendary hammer, Mjölnir, to protect them from their foes. So when Thor returns one night without his hammer, refusing to say how it was lost or where it may be, all of Asgard is at risk. Loki tracks Mjölnir to the muscular arms of the fearsome warlord Thrym, who reluctantly agrees to a deal: Thrym will return Thor’s hammer in exchange for Freyja, the most beautiful woman in Asgard.

There’s only one problem with Loki’s deal. Freyja refuses to marry the ruthlessly handsome Thrym. Low on options, Loki insists he can still retrieve the hammer. All it takes is wrapping Thor in a wedding dress obnoxious enough to allow him to pass for Freyja.

Once inside the dark confines of Thrym’s castle, however, things take an erotic turn not even Loki the Trickster could have predicted…

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What Readers are Saying about Claiming Thor’s Hammer

“I love how seamlessly the author blends the original myths with erotica. MacLeod keeps the tone and humor of the original tale, while simultaneously plunging us into a new story that is both fun AND blazingly hot!” —Genevieve, Goodreads

“One of the funnest dips into mythology ever, a quick and fun little piece of erotica I highly recommend.” —Jayne, Goodreads

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