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Book Review: Rewritten by Bronwyn Green

I’ll be honest: This book had me at sexy Scottish sci-fi author.


But that’s not all. It also has a Comic-Con (complete with Stormtrooper jokes), a protagonist with serious emotional baggage, a steamy, kinky, slow-burn romance, and an HEA that was genuine and deeply satisfying.

In other words, it was just about perfect.


Rewritten, by Bronwyn Green, tells the story of Angus Domhnull, the afore-mentioned sexy Scotsman. He’s a wildly successful sci-fi author who’s been struggling to complete his latest book for five years when his publisher sends him one Eliza Burrows to help him get his ass in gear.

And oh, those characters!

Angus is the perfect mix of grumbling sass and sex appeal, with a depth and sensitivity that make him nigh irresistible.

Eliza, however, tries her best to resist.

Poor Eliza has a heartbreakingly believable backstory, but she’s not a victim. Instead, she’s rebuilt her life (under an assumed name – yes, her backstory is that bad), and she’s moving on. When Eliza decides to stay the hell away from men, especially men with a kinky side, she’s got damn good reasons.

But Bronwyn Green pulls these characters together, slowly and naturally, until the sizzling sexual tension between them was just about killing me.


And that’s when the story got really interesting! 😉

I won’t ruin any surprises for you, my friend. Just check it out for yourself, and take my word for it – you won’t regret a thing!

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