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Book Review: Betrayal by Danielle Hardgrave

I’ve read a lot of authors who can write amazingly sensual, passionate erotic scenes and create awesome, slow-burn sexual tension.

But I’ve never read anyone who can blend that kind of sexual chemistry with actual laugh-out-loud humor like Danielle Hardgrave.


I loved the first two books of Hardgrave’s Unnatural Alliances series (check out my reviews of To Trust a Wolf and Sleuthing with the Enemy), which mix vampires, werewolves, Norse mythology, and an absolutely crackling sense of humor.

In Betrayal, the first book of the Sea Assassins Trilogy, Hardgrave takes the idea of sexy shifters and runs with it… all the way into the ocean.

left shark

The book opens with Darcy Davis stumbling across an injured, naked, and (natch) super hot man on an isolated stretch of beach. Darcy, of course, does what any of us would do: She calls him “flotsam” and pulls out her cell phone to get an ambulance up in there..until he offers to pay her enough money to cover the tuition costs for her younger sister.

Darcy and Gabriel – the mysterious, naked man – are such convincing and realistic characters that, by the time Gabriel is forced to reveal his true identity as a shape-shifting shark assassin, it seems totally plausible. And the chemistry between them is so palpable that I cheered out loud when the lights finally went out (even if it was because a storm knocked out the electricity).

Add in the dozen or so lines that made me snort laughter over my Kindle, and you have the kind of book that kept making my husband look at me and say, “What the heck are you reading?”

To which I could happily respond: “Shape-shifting shark assassin romance.”


And it’s every bit as delicious as it sounds, my friends.

You can find your own copy of Betrayal on Amazon, just in time for the weekend!

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