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Sneak Peek at Thor’s Hammer

My fantastically naughty M/M/M Thor and Loki short story comes out in early November.

But you don’t want to wait, do you?

loki wink

Here’s a little something to keep you going…

Claiming Thor’s Hammer ~ Sneak Peek

“Loki, I will kill you for this.”

“If this doesn’t work, you go right ahead,” I said, with a grin. “Although I have to say, you do make a lovely bride.”

Thor growled, and his grip on the reins tightened until his knuckles paled. Thunder crashed somewhere in the distance. I must have touched a nerve.

“White really is your color,” I added. I never could resist provoking him. He was just so damn cute when he was angry.

“If you don’t shut the fuck up right now, I will break every bone in your pathetic body.”

“And then how will you recover Mjölnir?”

Our eyes met. By the Nine Realms, he was pissed off. I guess I couldn’t exactly blame him. Thor the Thunderer was dressed in miles of fluffy white tulle, an enormous bridal crown, and what may have been the most obnoxious wedding veil in existence. I’d insisted on the sequins, claiming they would distract Thrym. And hide Thor’s giant beard, which he straight up refused to shave.

But honestly, all the sparkles were just plain funny.

“I’m still not too clear on how you lost Mjölnir in the first place,” I said, watching him out of the corner of my eye.

His lips pressed together, forming a tight white line. No matter. He was terrible at keeping secrets; I’d get it out of him eventually. If he could even remember. I heard he’d come back to Asgard so drunk the night he lost his hammer Mjölnir that he’d fallen off his goat-drawn chariot and passed out in a corner of his stable.

Seriously. How he could be Óðinn’s son and not hold his liquor was beyond me.

When he woke up covered in hay and goat shit, with a splitting hangover and no Mjölnir, he blamed me. Naturally. But this time, at least, I was innocent. Although it took a conference with Óðinn to get the rest of the Æsir to believe me.

Óðinn’s ravens finally found Thor’s precious hammer. In the arms of Thrym the Jötunn, the very person Thor was fighting the night Mjölnir vanished. Thor insisted Thrym hadn’t defeated him. Very loudly. Boneheaded oaf that he was, Thor then offered to travel, alone and unarmed, to Thrym’s castle to retrieve his hammer.

Great idea, I said. Of course Thrym wouldn’t take advantage of that situation by launching his entire army against Thor, defeating him, and leaving the rest of us without our strongest defender. Thor looked at me like the mere concept of treachery was completely unfamiliar to him.

Like I said, he’s not very good at keeping secrets.

Want more Thor?

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