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Other Highways: An Erotic Poem

Driving at night

the desert

swells and crests,

undulates beneath my tires

like a lover,

rising to meet

my hand.


And I respond,

following the arc

of your breasts,

riding the ridge line

of your hips,

seeking the dark scattering

of piñon pines

sheltered in the cleft

of your thighs.


I am not

the first

to hug these curves,

to follow your dark trails

beneath the cold glitter

of stars.


We’ve both known

other highways,

other lips,

other moonlit nights.


We’ll know them again.


But tonight,

this dark,

soft night.

My love,

let it be enough

to ride.


This is my first attempt at erotic poetry, inspired by my summer trip to Colorado. There really is something deeply sensual about the American Southwest – just ask Georgia O’Keeffe! 😉

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