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Hey, It’s a Series!

I’ve got Danielle Hardgrave at Caldwell Publishing to thank for this realization.

You see, she’s got a fabulous series going with vampires, werewolves, and Norse mythology (check out my reviews of To Trust a Wolf and Sleuthing with the Enemy).

sleuthing with enemy
Sweet cover, too!

But unlike some series – J. R. R. Tolkien, I’m lookin’ at you – both of Hardgrave’s novels are standalones. You can pick them up, enjoy the heck out of them, and never once worry if you’re reading them out of order.

But if you have read one, you’ll get a kick out of seeing the same characters showing up in both stories. (Especially Benji.)

It finally dawned on me, as I very, very slowly revise my second novel, that…

Hey. This is a series!

It’s a standalone book, to be sure. But certain characters reappear, several years older than they were in The Trickster’s Lover.

And that’s not all.

Honeymoon is (obviously) the sequel to The Trickster’s Lover.

Death and Beauty is a bit of a prequel. It takes place about a thousand years before The Trickster’s Lover, and Loki shows up in several scenes, notably killing the protagonist Baldr the Beautiful.

It’s cool. Dead guys have more fun.

So What Else is Coming?

Alright, I’ve got four – yes, four – projects in the works that are directly related to my Loki series.

The Wolf’s Lover, my next novel, takes place several years after the events of Honeymoon.

The Briar and the Rose, a novella, takes place after The Wolf’s Lover (and includes a fair bit of Loki’s past that happens well before Death and Beauty).

My as-of-yet-unnamed WIP about Fenris takes place after The Briar and the Rose but before Death and Beauty. (Yes, I’m digging my distant past fantasy world right now.)

Oh, and I have an absolutely filthy Thor/Loki short story that takes place around the same time. More about that later.

sexy wink
stay tuned!

All I Need…

There’s only one thing I need now.


Okay, make that two things!

Coffee and a kick-ass series name.

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  1. Filthy Thor/Loki as in…truly Thor gets filthy in a slash way with Loki? or do you just mean they get into something filthy alongside one another maybe? I know which kind of story I prefer! But then I am a twisted and filthy individual and I proudly admit it!


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