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Book Review: The Sexy Librarian’s Dirty 30, Volume 2

No matter what my college students might think, 3,000 words is not very many freaking words.

Writing a great scene, let alone an entire short story, in under 3,000 words takes a fair heaping of talent. Yet that’s just what the 30 authors features in The Sexy Librarian’s Dirty 30, Volume 2, managed to pull off.

sexy librarian dirty 30
And that cover! Raawwwrrr!!!

Every story in this anthology is a delightful example of just how much excitement, characterization, tension, and – naturally – release you can pack into a tight word count. Sometimes touching, sometimes romantic, and sometimes heartbreaking, this collection is always amazingly hot.

I was, of course, immediately drawn to Janine Ashbless‘s Sweet Hel Below, which manages to tell a wildly creative and surprisingly touching love story between Norse gods, as well as transform an entire realm, in just a few pages. My own love story between Odin’s son Baldr and Loki’s daughter Hel, Death and Beauty, took 150 pages… so damn, Janine, you rock!

two snaps for you

Although Sweet Hel Below was (for me) worth the price of admission, all the stories in this anthology are impressive. The amazingly versatile Emmanuelle de Maupassant shines in The Honeymoon, which has to be one of the most sensual assemblies of 3,000 words ever created. I could taste the food, the wine…and the sex. 😉

I was surprised to see my conservative hometown of Colorado Springs featured in the unpredictable Jilling Off, and I loved the kinky twist on a fairy tale in The Return of the Snow Queen (not to mention the awesome fantasy/Viking vibe of The Seer), and Thunderclap just about broke my heart.

These stories truly spanned the spectrum, from a role playing/storytelling night in a contemporary, long-term M/F marriage to high fantasy BDSM. The one feature they all shared, without exception, was writing so strong I had to put the book down and just say, “DAMN!”

hot damn girl

Pick up a copy for yourself right here.

And then just plan on giving yourself some alone time…

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