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I Have Returned

Well, I’m back from my four-day canoe camping adventure along the Northern Forest Canoe Trail.

How was it, you ask?

Oh, the usual.

Beautiful sunsets.





Pink toenails are a camping essential.

And paddling my six-year-old daughter and dog across a choppy lake to reach the campsite!

I’ll let you in on a little secret:

I’m actually kinda freaked out by water – I grew up in Colorado, after all, where the average annual rainfall is 16.5″ – so crossing a vast, remote lake by myself (husband and three-year-old were in a separate boat) was a bit scary, even though I do actually know my way around a canoe.

But you know what?

My daughter and I sang Moana songs, kept the canoe pointed straight, paddled like hell…and it was awesome!

how far I'll go

Sometimes, the only way to gain more confidence about your ability to do something is to just go ahead and freaking do it.

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