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Free Story: Tam Lin

When Janet Reynolds travels to Scotland instead of going straight to law school, she’s not expecting to have a one night stand with a handsome stranger she met in a pub.

And she’s really not expecting to hear a story straight out of a fairy tale about an abduction by the Fey, and a tithe to Hell which must be paid…



My erotic re-telling of the Scottish folktale Tam Lin originally appeared in A Two Dame Productions’ sexy anthology Lustily Ever After (which I highly recommend).

Now I’m offering my sexy fairy tale as a stand-alone short story. What’s more, I’m offering it for FREE!

So where can you get your hands on Tam Lin?

TamLinPromoGraphic (1)

Yes, all you have to do is join my newsletter and I’ll send you a sexy Scotsman (story)…FREE!

And let’s be honest here – we could all use a bit more sexy Scotsman in our lives. 😉

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